Reinforced Rubber Tracks for Mini Excavators 300X109X37W
      Rubber tracks for miniexcavators 300x109x37W
      Rubber tracks for miniexcavators 300x109x37W
      Rubber tracks for miniexcavators 300x109x37W

      Rubber tracks for miniexcavators 300x109x37W

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      PowerTrack rubber crawlers 300X109X37W are produced with a high-quality synthetic and natural rubber compound combined with Continuous Steel Cord technology to ensure long life and excellent performance. We are here to provide you with the best rubber tracks for your needs, ensuring durability and top performances.

      These rubber tracks are suitable for a wide range of construction equipment, and if your machine is not listed below, please contact us at [email protected]

      We offer many benefits, including:

      • Competitive prices
      • Order fulfillment times within 12 hours
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      • 12-month warranty
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      Images are for representational purposes only: tread pattern may vary depending on production period and stock.

      We guarantee identical pattern, only for tracks ordered in pairs.

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      Compatible with the following construction machines:

      IHI:IS25JX, IS27, IS27G, IS27GX, IS28, IS28G, IS28GX, IS28J, IS28JX, IS28LX, IS28PX
      KUBOTA:KH02, KH026HG, KH02G, KH02HG, KH060, KH071, KH24, KH24HG, KH26HG

      If your model is not listed, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. This PowerTrack rubber track may be just what you're looking for! is a leading online store selling wear parts for mini excavators and tracked construction equipment. Our strengths are:

      • BEST PRICE: our prices are the most competitive in the entire European market. We offer a wide range of rubber tracks at favorable prices.
      • LESS ORDER PROCESSING TIME: all orders are processed in less than 12h from the time of receipt.
      • FREE SHIPMENTS: we give you free shipping with DB Schenker for all orders over €250 +VAT
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      • WARRANTY: 12-month warranty for any manufacturing defect.
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      Envío GRATUITOEnvío GRATUITO4/6 working days • Tracking consulted by the PowerTrack Team

      PowerTrack rubber tracks are manufactured using a blend of high-strength natural and synthetic rubber. This compound is known for its anti-abrasive properties, flexibility and excellent performance even on the most adverse terrain.



      Significantly increased durability thanks to Continuous Steel Cord Technology.

      Powertrack OPTIMIZED PATTERN


      Excellent traction even on the most adverse terrain and limited vibration when moving at higher speeds.



      Promotes slow rubber abrasion and optimal integration of all metal components in the track.

      Our rubber tracks use continuous cable steel technology with a high percentage of carbon, which allows a 40% increase in strength.

      Optimized patterns promote the escape of soil material accumulated during digging and transfers. On harder surfaces, the blend of natural and synthetic rubber minimizes noise and vibration.

      PowerTrack rubber tracks are vulcanized, a process that gives the rubber more elasticity so that it increases its resistance to wear and high temperatures during construction equipment use.


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